Chrono Express

“Crossing space, real-time express! Please sign for your delivery.”

“I’m a Courier of Chrono Express, my daily work is driving through dangerous hyperspace tunnel, avoid all kinds of obstacles and deliver package to the customer safely. Welcome! Let’s begin our journey of the express evolution.

The story took place in a fantasy steampunk world. The newly developed “hyperspace tunnel” can connect any two points of the world directly. A company named “Chrono Express” secretly used this technique for express services, which largely accelerated delivery and made Chrono Express leader of this industry. In this game, you’ll play as a courier of Chrono Express and help him (she) complete the challenging express delivery missions.

Chrono Express offers no easy job. Since this technique is far from mature, there’s no paved roads in the hyperspace tunnel, moreover, a variety of obstacles may accidentally sneak in. So, a courier must have excellent driving skill: speed is only the basic, to overcome a ravine, you need to master the bike jumping skill, and always be ready to spread the wings and fly over seemingly impossible obstacles.

Sounds difficult? The good news is the reward is very, very generous. Revenue is proportional to difficulty and speed of a delivery. The more difficult and the faster, the higher payment. Moreover, there are lots of coins scattered along the way for you to collect. In this company, there is no political infighting, your hard work will always be rewarded!

To improve skill of the couriers, the company also established a humanized promotion mechanism. A courier can level up by completing missions, so that he can travel new routes and unlock new gadgets, bikes and characters. The higher level you reach, the more interesting gaming experience you will get!

Feeling good? Do not hesitate, hit the “Download” button and join this express evolution! Ready? Let’s begin the journey of joy and challenge!


  • Platformer + Endless Running = A challenging running game with a finish
  • 9 types of levels: spiky walls, giant gears, missiles…
  • Procedural levels generation make each run unique and fun
  • Use gadgets to upgrade your bike and gain special abilities
  • Various missions to keep you busy
  • A charming steampunk world